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Cabinets, counters and floors oh my…

December 11, 2017 | Day 81


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Cabinets, counters and floors oh my…. cabinets, counters and floors oh my… It’s great to start seeing less dust and more finish work taking place. This house is starting to look like a real home! The new owners can picture themselves actually living here now that it is all coming together. Our goal is to get this completed by the end of the month. This is where it really gets fun because after each step, we can see a difference. We can see what we had envisioned for our clients come to reality and it’s a great feeling for everyone.

We just had the kitchen cabinets put in, they picked white shaker style cabinet doors and drawers, a very clean traditional and contemporary look. This combination style is called Transitional. Transitional is the blend of both contemporary and traditional. The countertops are a Quartz that look like Carrera marble but are more durable and stain resistant. The color is called White/Grey. Not a very fancy name, but they look fantastic! Put together with the cabinets and this is a high-end kitchen that really looks beautiful and will be timeless. The white on white look is very in style and helps make a smaller kitchen look big. The white on white coupled with the stainless appliances and the darker floors will look rich. Running the hardwood floors into the kitchen pulls the living, dining room and the kitchen all together and also helps to make the spaces come together and look larger than they are. Our clients are in the process of picking out what hardware they like. They are deciding between going with all knobs, all pulls or a mixture of knobs and pulls. They are leaning towards the mix of the two for form and function. They chose satin nickel knobs and pulls that will match with their appliances and faucet. We can’t wait to see this all come together!

The drywall is done and the guys are also done sanding. Talk about dust everywhere, I don’t know how they do it? The painters came in after and sprayed all the main floor walls a nice white color. They have moved to the basement and are getting that space all painted. Our clients love the color so much that they decided to keep it throughout the house and keep it clean and light feeling. They may come back later and do an accent wall in the bedrooms, but their furniture will dictate that and they can customize later. We totally agree with this decision and just love the way it looks now.


This is actually the first quiet week at the house that we have had since we started remodeling 81 days ago. We had new hardwood floors put in the kitchen and then all the hardwood floors are being sanded and stained (throughout the main floor) This darker, medium brown color will ground the floors and create a nice contrast with the white walls. We had a custom mantel made out of an old slab of wood. This turned out really cool. We did a mantel that wraps around the corner, since the fireplace is a corner one. The mantel was hung last week and looks great. We are going to stain the wood the same color as the floors to pull everything together. The fireplace will also be painted the same color white as the walls and trim. This will keep the space light. With the hardwoods being refinished this week. No one can come or go on the main floor, so we are on hold, but only upstairs. I dropped by to take a few pictures and was blown away by the floor color contrasted with the walls. Since the finish coat is drying I couldn’t go in to get a good photo. I could only take a picture of the floors leading upstairs since I can’t walk on the floors yet. If you can see the flower stencils on the back of the stairs in the photo, it will definitely go and be replaced with an amazing print carpet runner, but you can get an idea of the color of the floors. They are beautiful.

Next, we will have the tile installer back to finish up the backsplashes for the main and master bathrooms and kitchen. The electrical trim will be finished with the installation of all the new light fixtures, switches and outlet covers. The Plumbers will be back to install all the faucets, toilets and sinks. All the new doors and trim will be installed, including the front door. The basement flooring will be installed which is a vinyl plank in the basement, vinyl sheet in the small bathroom and wall to wall carpet in the basement bedroom. This will be durable, functional and stylish. We will finish with a final house clean, to remove all the extra dust, before the new owners move in. Wow, I can’t believe we are almost done. We are so excited for these well deserving clients who have been so appreciative and trusting with our guidance and vision. If all goes well in the next week, they will move in by the end of the month. What a great way to start the new year.

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-Renee and Jessica